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Velancia 360 4D (Cannula COG) 19G 100MM Needle size 150mm Thread length Velancia 360° threads 4D COG in cannula (cogs / barbs in a cannula; 360°; multidirectional)

Velancia high-quality mesothreads represent an innovative approach to face and body lifting. The procedure itself is painless and efficient. An invisible frame is created inside the skin tissue ensuring a perfect lifting effect and at the same time does not limit the mimics.

Mesothreads offer a unique approach to correcting facial and body contours. 4D mesothreads (thread lift and bioreinforcement) ensure a rejuvenating process that combines face lifting and face rejuvenation with the effect of mesotherapy.

The subdermic carcass ensures necessary skin volume, does not allow the sagging of skin tissues, prevents wrinkles, and rejuvenates the face and body areas for an extended period of time.

4D mesothreads make it possible to reduce wrinkles, remove nasolabial folds and lift the skin and face contours. They are most suitable for patients who do not need any fullness added to the facial area. This modern method of bio-reinforcement of the face and body can be perfectly combined with other methods such as electric muscle stimulation, laser resurfacing, peeling, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid injections.

Mesothreads consist of two parts:

A thin and elastic needle that enables a cosmetician to perform modeling within different skin levels, and threads made of polydioxanone PDO (totally bio-degradable and fully compatible with human tissue).

Needles are injected into the skin tissue at different levels leaving the needle inside and forming a structure similar to a carcass located inside the epidermis. After 6 - 8 months it fully dissolves into carbon dioxide and water that are then naturally excreted from the body. During this time a solid connective tissue forms lifting the skin and thus prevents it from sagging. Achieved results can last from 2 to 9 years.

The method of injecting mesothreads into the skin tissue is similar to acupuncture: injections are made with a thin needle that stimulates the regeneration process of the natural tissue, strengthening the collagen and elastane synthesis, inducing nerve terminals stimulating muscle performance and making a positive influence on the condition of the central nervous system.

Formation of collagen carcass during the injection of mesothreads:



Velancia 360 4D (Cannula COG) 19G 100MM Needle size

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