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 Hydra Pen – a device for fractional mesotherapy treatment that renews the skin inside and outside. It also combines the functions of microdermabrasion and mesotherapy.


What is the purpose of using Hydra Pen?


• Treatment of scars after acne of different depths;
• Treatment of pigmentation;
• Elimination of fine wrinkles;
• Elimination of enlarged pores;
• Hair loss;

• Treatment of burn scars;
• Striae treatment;
• The presence of large pores and high-fat content;
• Dull skin color.
• Deviations in the psyche and epilepsy;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Inflammatory and infectious processes;
• Performing a chemical peeling procedure for 2 weeks prior to fractional mesotherapy;
• Heart and blood vessels disease;
• Systemic diseases;
• Violation of blood clotting;
• Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes, and other skin diseases.

How many sessions are needed to achieve the result and how long does the result last?

 After applying Hydra Pen, microchannels in the skin are closed for 15-30 minutes after the procedure.  When using short needles of 0.50mm for the procedure, a repeated session can be performed in a week, if using longer needles - the session can be repeated in a month.  For the purpose of prophylaxis for normal skin without visible defects - 3 sessions (enough), for the pigmentation treatment - 6 sessions, for the scars and stretch marks treatment - from 8 sessions and more.  The course of treatment is recommended to do once a year.

  What are the sensations during the Hydra Pen procedure?

The Hydra Pen procedure is basically painless and does not require local anesthesia. There is a possibility of skin redness after the procedure, but it will not last more than an hour.  It is not recommended to wash face or apply any makeup on the day of the procedure. Within 3 days after the procedure it is prohibited to use products with retinoid and vitamin C, however, using regenerating and moisturizing cream and a high protection sunscreen is highly recommended.

  What are the advantages of the Hydra Pen from other devices for fractional mesotherapy?

The main difference of the Hydra Pen from other devices is the presence of a reservoir that is filled with serums for mesotherapy.




Hydra Pen

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