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This is an innovative tissue stimulator based on polynucleotides (PN).

Polynucleotides are small fragments of DNA and RNA nucleic acids, of natural origin, compatible with the human body.

Using the action of PN, this scientifically proven method of skin biostimulation stimulates the skin to rebuild in a three-way mechanism of action:

Lifting - the polynucleotides stimulate the proliferation of various skin cell types, including fibroblasts, adipocytes and osteoblasts. The production of type I collagen and elastin is stimulated, resulting in skin thickening and lifting.

Antioxidation - The second mechanism is the elimination of free radicals and antioxidant action. They assist in the regeneration of UV-damaged skin.

Hydration - Polynucleotides bind water and provide long-lasting isoosmotic hydration of the intercellular matrix. This makes the skin firm and hydrated.

Their action is also important at the micro-circulatory level, increasing the formation of new micro blood vessels thereby improving oxygenation of the skin.

Indications for the HP CELL VITARAN i treatment are:

- anti-aging therapy

- skin revitalisation

- loss of firmness

- lifting

- photo-ageing therapy

- dry, dehydrated, dull skin

- smoker's skin

- reduction of scars, stretch marks, including acne scars

Procedure procedure HP CELL VITARAN i :

The treatment involves the introduction of the product into the dermis layer of the skin.

Possibility to use 3 techniques:

- multi-injection technique - deposition mesotherapy using a needle

- linear-retrospective technique using a cannula

It is recommended to carry out 3-4 treatments at an interval of 15-30 days. After a full series, a booster treatment is recommended, which should be performed 4 to 6 months after the last treatment.

Composition: Polynucleotide Sodium 20mg/ml


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