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EXTRA HA body filler is manufactured through an innovative technology called TSC or Third Step Cross linking. This maximizes viscosity through the ultra-fine bead particle process. It increases the cross-linking rate, thus increasing the sustainability of HA. Cross-linking rates are adjusted according to the type and characteristic of the product.

It is designed to have a firm hold when injected to resist migration to other tissues. The gel’s hardness is also adjusted enough to make it the right amount of viscosity for excellent molding. K.L Global made sure to take extra care of the quality assurance of the body fillers.


  • Great for body contouring as it can increase buttocks size, adding volume to the once flat profile
  • Strong gel viscosity
  • Easy Molding
  • Manufactured with safe materials of EP Grade
  • With 97% purity, devoid of any endotoxin concentration or BDDE residues
  • Stable and effective
  • Globally certified
  • HA has a longer duration of effect and high moisture content

EXTRA Body Filler – H

    • Hyaluronic acid gel
    • The gel is cross-linked with BDDE to form a stable and long-lasting filler.
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